22 juin 2010

are playing

then I rise the level, money, cell phone to several. Suddenly one day,MBT Shoes I think owes wife the ring, he excitedly

pulled her to go to commercial. But she hesitated and said: "platinum diamond ring set in what fingers to use

ah? Buy me a cell phone please? I can always contact you. "So I bought her a cell phone.
day one in our bedroom, a living room, send a short message each other, have a good time great.
One night, my colleagues and to play cards with friends, are playing in Hing head, his wife called the phone:

"Where are you? How not to go home? "" I play cards in the staff house. "" When are you going back? "" It for

yourself. "Lose a win, win lose, my wife's phone call again and again. Outside it began to rain, his wife's

phone rang again: "Where are you? Doing? Come back! "" Did not tell you? I play in our houses, so much rain the

next how do I go back! "" Then you tell me where you are, I'll pick you up! "" No! "Play cards with friends all

laughed at me," his wife strict control \
dawn, I lose too empty-handed, a friend sent me home with the car, locking the door unexpectedly, his wife was

not home. Just then, the phone rang, a call from my mother, side of the phone cried and said: She came out late

at night Maozhao Yu, riding a bike, take an umbrella to go home to find my colleague, went to a another one,

way out the accident, did not wake up.
I open the phone, saw the top one unread message: "you forget it? Today is our wedding anniversary, saying ah!

I find you, not run, I took my umbrella! "She walks in to find my way, never to wake up. I burst into tears,

again and again looked at the message, I think that one night I lost the entire world.
wife's death has been 3 months, but I still can not wake up from nightmares, I do not want to work, the whole

say depression malaise, and a second thought to accompany her away ... ...

reposted elsewhere purpose of this paper, we have learned is to cherish!
Do not let those who love you be the least bit hurt!
Do not wait lose before'd rather die!
large queue of "lure"

I and the wife is introduced to know, and we were the same in a construction company. First met, she left me

the deepest impression is that her piece of the long braids, and her very white skin. Ordinarily, she have a

good reputation, although it can not be particularly pretty, but very kind-hearted man, medium build, but I

started not too happy. Because she was too introverted, and speak to her, no matter how I rattle on, people are

"ah\I am a lively, colorful things, met her full Mozhe. Thought: such a boring character, how do we get along?

I am backing out, but she happens took a fancy to me, also asked a matchmaker arranged to meet again. The so-

called go-between is her uncle, I find reason to push a MBT Shoes Clearancefew times, but why her uncle lived in hospital sick, I

have to go visit her in hospital the nurses, this second meeting arranged at the hospital.

It was evening, we sat chatting on the steps of the hospital, her words are still small, she was a careful

girl, Pazang my clothes, before I sit down, she has for me lay a sheet of paper, it washed an apple for me,

carefully and meticulously cut the apple good, she said: "to not Chengdu does not matter, pay a friend."

Although people within the girl, but this sentence really generous hearted, till I temporarily speechless. The

so-called young age, job insecurity, a poor family and other reasons that this time seems to be nonsense. I

thought: it a try.

few days later, she was sent to Changzhou learning accountancy firm, we have just "testing the waters" of love

can only be expressed through letters to. She would write, write for several pages, with face to face within

the few words, letters, she is eloquent. After receiving her letter that I wrote back, and often is this: She

wrote a voluminous 45, I am back up to a half. But not so in this communication, I saw her good. This really

will live, live the simple heart Keenan woman, and very thought, she said, and I only just friends, but the

letter, those who love the oath Yi Zizi penetrating: If we can together, everything, I will listen to you; no

matter what kind of difficulties, I will follow you willingly. This girl, how will I waver? Letter from a half

months from 1 to 23 days a heart more and more blending. September 27, 1995, we took out a marriage license, no

ceremony, no wedding, so we got married, since then, in a vessel and ferry. 10 years of experience with the

boat, I slowly know that our direction in life was always her hands.

rudder of life in her hands

after getting married, I started running around on the day, engaged in construction, is the way the site where

people where, Pingdingshan, Xuchang, Nanyang, Xinxiang ... ... just a few years, I put the province's cities

turned over and over. I floated away, the family can only rely on her to support her go to work, send their

children to his grandmother, two years into theMBT Shoes Sale kindergartens week on child care classes. She can imagine how

hard, but she did not complain, just as in the letter, "promise\

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